Friday, March 11, 2011

Progression of an Apartment...The Bathroom.

I am in utter love with our new apartment and one of  its main draws is the ridiculously cute bathroom. My manfriend probably doesn't like that I am calling our bathroom cute but living with the bathroom that was spawned by the devil in Greece, this new bathroom could be canonized for sainthood. You can see in this previous post,Bathroom You Haven't Grown on Me., that I have a slight obsession with having a clean bathroom and our new bathroom definitely passed the test.

This bathroom has such charm, I couldn't wait to add our own touches to it. The first thing I ordered for our new place was actually a shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. When I actually got into our new place, the bathroom was my first project getting it just right for Kyle and I.

I am a big believer in living simply so when it came to the bathroom, I only wanted to add simple touches to make the bathroom more "us". It was really fun picking out colors, as well as decor and Kyle's mom also got us some great towels to start us out.

Below I posted the before picture of the bathroom and the end result of our new and improved bathroom.

I can't wait for my manfriend to see the bathroom in person, so far it's only been through pictures and video since he is still in Greece, but I really think he is going to love it just as much as I do.

 you can't see the tub but it needed a major scrubbing which wasn't to fun. 
Our cool tree pattern shower curtain from Urban Outfitters.

I picked up this silver tree sculture at Urban Outfitters to go with the "tree theme". I also picked up some bathroom accessories at Home Goods, awesome store. My favorite addition to the bathroom are the color splash pictures. The one above is a color splash picture of the Brooklyn Bridge I took this past summer.

More color splash pictures, I thought this was a nice touch.

This is a color splash picture I took of the Ancient Olympic Stadium this October.

I love this color splash of the Golden Dome at the University of Notre Dame, I took this phote in June.

I am so happy with our new bathroom and I love how cozy it is. We still have a lot more decorating to do in the apartment, I'm really enjoying the process and making this apartment a homey place for us to reside.

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