Monday, March 21, 2011

A Little Piece of History.

This week I recieved something from my parents that I consider a prized possession, a kitchen table. Now this isn't just any kitchen table, it's a table with quite a bit of history.

My parents told me they had a table in storage that might look good in the manfriend's and my new apartment, when I first saw it all I could see was a dusty piece of wood. Then my mom told me the history and this dusty piece of wood became rather charming.

 This table was my grandparent's first kitchen table, they purchased it when they were newlyweds. They then passed it down to my mom and dad who used it as their dining room table, after their family began to expand my parents gave the table to my uncle who actually used it as a work bench. Years later my uncle returned the table to my parents and it sat in storage until my sister and brother-in-law moved into their  first apartment. They used the table until they purchased a bigger table, then they gave the table to my brother and sister-in-law, I think you see the pattern here. When my brother purchased a bigger table he gave the table back to my parents and there it sat in storage until this very weekend.

We brought the table over to the apartment and cleaned it up with lemon oil and it looks good as new but better. It's better because there is a history with this table, the fact the my sister, brother and I all had it in our possession is something special and to think that my grandparents sat at this table when they were just starting out as well as my parents is something very magical and romantic.

The table actually goes perfectly with the rest of our place and I promise to take good care of it. I'm interested to see where this piece of McCarrick history ends up next, until then I will enjoy it.

A little piece of history.

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Susanne said...

what a story. :)
I don´t mind new things but well, those one with its history always mean a little more for us.

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