Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quote of the day + A Tune.

Happy Tuesday Loves, I am a little sad because it is my last day of work for awhile, so I will enjoy it to the fullest. Last night I had my first coaches meeting for Team in Training, it went really well and I am so excited to get started.

Yesterday I also reached out to Matt Long and the iWill Foundation , I asked to be a part of the Foundation when I compete in my first Ironman Triathlon this August in New Hampshire. Matt got back to me and welcomed me aboard, so this August when I compete in the Timberman, I'll be doing it with iWill, check out the foundation here iwillfoundation. I've found that the best way to find fufillment and happieness in life is by being proactive.
Today's quote comes from the band She and Him, which includes one of my favorite ladies Zooey Deschanel. I love this band, their songs are great, lyrics awesome and Zooey's voice is so distinct. The quote I chose is from the song, Me and You, I absolutely love this song and when it came on my iPod this morning one line really stuck out. Sometimes we tend to be hard on ourselves, expecting only the best. We must learn to enjoy the process that is life and know that sometimes things aren't going to go just as planned.


You've got to be kind to yourself.
-She and Him, Me and You

I also included the song in case you wanted to take a listen.

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