Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quote of the day.

I'm happy it's hump day, have a great Wednesday Loves. I have two more days of work then I'm heading up to Maine for Labor Day Weekend, to check out my sister's new house.  I'm so very excited for Becky and her family, starting their new chapter in Maine, I know it will be an adventure. 

We've got another beautiful day in New York City, it's impossible not to be in a great mood when the weather is so fresh and crispy, I can't wait for a nice run in the park tonight. When I got home last night I did some more crafting, which I thoroughly enjoy, just like running as well as this blog, crafting is a release, it really calms my mind of daily stresses. Maybe an etsy shop is in my future.

My latest crafty creation. Let me know what you think. :)

You're in for some mushiness with today's quote. I've posted this song before because I love it but today I'm going to share a few lines with you. The quote (lyric) comes from Gavin Rossdale and his song, Love Remains the Same. Every time I hear this song, it makes me want to run to my Manfriend wherever he is in the world and let him know how much I love him. 

Relationships might possibly be one of the hardest things in life, even when they are easy, they are complicated. But let me tell you, when you find a great one, do whatever you have to do to keep it going.  You might face challenges, you might have to move across the ocean to be with the one you love, you might have to make some sacrifices. I know it can be scary to take chances, putting your heart and faith in someone else but a life without love, isn't life. Live with passion, love with all your heart. 


Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending
Too much time, too long defending
You and I are done pretending

I never thought that I
Had any more to give
You?re pushing me so far
Here I am without you

Drink to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
Everything will change

I, oh I, I wish this could last forever
I, oh I, as if we could last forever

Love remains the same
Love remains the same
-Gavin Rossdale, Love Remains the Same

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinteresting Finds and DIY

My obsession with Pinterest continues, here are some of my Pinteresting finds this week. If you aren't already on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Be addicted with me!

Follow me, Pinterest name: Meggie McCarrick

Enjoy and Happy Pinning!

Home Design Board
Love this for my future Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes office. From:

 Future Beach House Board
Love the colors of this dining area. From:

 Sweet Stuff and Ideas for the Home Board
Memory Mason Jar, Read all your year's memories on New Year's Eve. From:

Stuff I Love, Love Love Board
I want this print for my manfriend. From:

I want this PUPPY, mini goldendoodle. From

 Foodie Fun Board
Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes, yummy! From:

 Desired Destinations Board
County Cork, Ireland. From:

 Quotes I Dig Board
This is why I run.

 Fashions I Love/ Beauty Board
I love this whole look.


Yesterday on my day off I tested out my DIY skills and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how my crafts turned out. I got both of my DIY ideas from Pinterest, which assured me that I am not wasting my time browsing pin board after pin board. I wanted to make the manfriend's and my apartment more homey, and I found that both of these DIY projects did the trick.

Here are my Pinterest inspirations below, followed by my own creations. DIY are so much fun and most of the time they are very affordable. In total, my DIY creations cost $34 dollars, and it was the best $34 I've spent in a long time, thank you Michaels craft store.

Pinterest Inspiration
Loved the idea of this wall hanging in our bedroom.

My DIY Creation
Step ONE:
Hang Frame with no back. Got this one on sale at Michaels for $8.00, sweet deal.
 Step TWO:
Paint Letters, and place them with wall tape, inside the frame.
 Step THREE:
Don't forget the "&".
 Step FOUR:
I added twinkle lights for a better result, this is the end product.

Pinterest Inspiration
These are the things I love the most, I really wanted this print. Instead of buying, I decided to make something similar.

My DIY Creation

Step One:

Paint blank canvas, Michaels had a great deal, buy one get one free.

Step TWO:
Let paint dry, stencil letters and you are all set.

Quote of the day.

What a beautiful Tuesday here in NYC, I believe the cool, crisp fall weather is right around the corner. I hope it's a fantastic Tuesday for you and that you do something that makes you smile.

Yesterday was one of the most productive days I've had in a long time. I took a personal day from work and made the best of it. I was able to get in a great run, spend some time at Barnes and Noble, I also worked on some DIY projects that I've been wanting to do. (DIY post to follow.) The best part of my day had to be watching TV with my guy over in France, I have to say, Slingbox is one of the coolest inventions ever. This may sound corny but there is something so comforting about knowing that even though we are thousands of miles away from each other, it felt like my guy was sitting on the couch next to me, enjoying one of our favorite shows. That was my Monday and I plan on today being just as productive.

Tuesday's quote comes from, The Killers and their song, Human. This song has been on my running play list  for quite awhile now, along with many other Killers songs, they know how to pump me up. Their song, Human is a great one and I have to share a few lines with you. 

You've heard the quote," A journey must begin with a single step." The first step towards something is usually the hardest but believe me when I say, once you take that step out of your comfort zone, you'll be on your way to great things. Trust your heart and go after it. What do you have to lose? 


And sometimes I get nervous
When I see an open door
Close your eyes
Clear your heart...
Cut the cord
-The Killers, Human

Monday, August 29, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hey Loves, happy Monday! What a weekend it was here in New York. We braved Hurricane Irene, I'm so thankful that the storm wasn't to  severe. Because of the storm, I evacuated to my parents house early Saturday morning,they are up on higher ground in Staten Island, so I felt safe. I enjoyed a camp out with my family for the weekend, which was full of movie watching, magazine reading, wine drinking and enjoying some yummy food. I have to admit, I was getting a little stir crazy, I think mainly because I was without my precious Starbucks for two days.(Haha!)

Well now it's back to usual, I have a Starbucks in my hand, I'm blogging to my loves and it's going to be a great Monday. Due to the storm, the buses and subways were running on an irregular schedule, because of my long commute from Staten Island, I decided to take a personal day from work. So with today off, I plan on being super productive, getting in a run,doing some things around the apartment that I've wanted to get done, and a trip to Barnes and Noble to check out some new reads. I hope you have a great Monday, you deserve it, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lets start Monday off with a strong quote, which can set the pace to have an even stronger week. The quote is from an Unknown Author, which stinks because someone definitely deserves some credit for these great words. Life can get hard but you have to know that you can get through any obstacle or challenge that stands in your way.

Above is a picture of my manfriend, his senior year in college. This picture was taken right before he and his team were eliminated from the Big East Tournament. I used to look at this picture and it would break my heart, knowing how terrible it must of felt for my guy at that moment, on that court. But he's proven to me over and over again how strong he is and that nothing can stand in his way and that sometimes one gains strength in the hour of defeat. Now I look at this picture every now and then and grab strength from it. If I could be one tenth as strong as him, I'd be able to conquer anything.

 Be strong, surround yourself with people who believe in you and your dreams and never give up. You are stronger then you think.


You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.
-Unknown Author

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hey there, Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cake readers, how are you doing on the Friday in August? I'm happy it's Friday but rather nervous for the East Coast as we are going to get hit by Hurricane Irene this weekend. 

My sister and her family were evacuated from Cape May which is on the southern tip of the New Jersey Shore, because of the possibility of bad coastal flooding from the hurricane. What really stinks for her is that they were scheduled to move up to New Hampshire this weekend, now their move is officially postponed and they are heading up to New York to stay with my parents, who are on higher ground. I'm not one to pray to often but I am praying that the hurricane's ferocity dies down and that there isn't to much damage, especially to places like, Cape May and Long Beach Island where my family has made many memories. Please stay safe this weekend if you are in the area, stay inside, get some extra food and enjoy a good movie or book. 

Last night I was exhausted, I did a 5k time trial, to see where I am at in my training. Well, I went as fast as I could go, the humidity was killing me, but I pushed through and I really surprised myself. I am no professional runner but it seems that my training regime is working, we'll see where it takes me.

 After my run, I was exhausted, I enjoyed dinner with my parents then headed back to my place and passed out at 9:30pm. I woke up feeling like a loser for falling asleep so early but I was refreshed so I didn't let it bother me to much. Now time to enjoy Friday, hopefully work goes smoothly, then it's time to enjoy a girl's night out with Kyle's sister Taryn, his brother's fiancé, Tara and her sister, Jess. We are going to Beso, my favorite restaurant under the sun, yay for tapas food and sangria! 

Friday's quote comes from the band, Coldplay and their song, Viva la Vida. I know the song is a couple of years old but there is one line from these lyrics that I always carry with me and of course I want to share it with you. 

We all have dreams, goals and aspirations, sometimes when we are on the road to achieving something, we think we are never going to get to the finish line. It gets hard but fight through it, you owe it to nobody else but yourself. And that may sound a little selfish but if you don't do things for your own personal journey you'll never have a positive effect on some one's life. Stay positive, be you, be great, it's going to happen for you.


Working on a dream sometimes feels so far away. 
Viva la Vida, Coldplay 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quote of day.

Happy Thursday beauties, hope this week is treating you kindly. We are so close to the weekend, which I am really looking forward to, except for the possible hurricane New York City might get hit with this Sunday. 

Last night after a long day of work, I went to my parents house for a nice dinner, my brother and sister-in-law were also there with cute, baby William. I have to say that my family has been nothing short of amazing the last two weeks. They know that I've been a little stressed lately, with the upcoming overseas move, and missing my roommate/Manfriend terribly, they've managed to keep me positive through some not so good days. I am so thankful for having a family like them, and consider myself lucky for the continued support and love they give me each day. 

The time has come again for me to start coaching another running event for Team in Training and I couldn't be more excited. I will be coaching the Staten Island Chapter, who will be training for the Inaugural Brooklyn Rock and Roll 10k, in Prospect Park, October 22nd. 

If anyone is interested in running a 10k and raising some money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, please reach out to me. We have training plans for all levels of runners including; run/walkers, intermediate and advanced. What's great about running for Team in Training is,not only are you achieving a personal goal by completing a 10k, you are also helping others in need. That's a win/win if you ask me. Training begins the second week in September, so if you are interested and in the Staten Island area, email me at:

Now time a quote for this wonderful Thursday. Today's quote comes from American author, H. Jackson Brown Jr. and it's indeed a great one. Life is crazy and stuff is going to get in the way of your planned journey, once you let go and realize that it's supposed to be a little messy and that there is no straight path, you will be unstoppable. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from doing what you want to do and being the you that you've dreamed of being. Be unstoppable.


Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quote of the day.

Yay, for Wednesday! This week is going smoothly, the weather is beautiful and I'm feeling great, I hope I just didn't jinx it. Take some time for yourself today, step out and discover.

I'm so happy for my sister today, she will be reunited with her hubby who has been deployed with the Coast Guard for most of the summer down in South America. I can't even begin to imagine how excited she must be to pick him from the airport, I know my
nephews  can't wait to see their daddy. Welcome home Chris, we've missed you and thank you so much for serving this country. 

I have a little longer to wait for my
reunion with my love, we have less then two months to go, so things are looking good. I can't wait to be in France and continue our life together. He's doing well over in Limoges, working hard and getting adjusted to the French life, which he is really loving. 

Today's quote is from French aviator and author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's most famous story, The Little Prince. I am sure you've read this book as it is a classic. One line from this masterpiece definitely sticks out and I thought I would share it with you.It's a very simple statement full of beauty.

In your life you'll learn somewhere along your journey that your heart is the most powerful thing in you, follow it even if sometimes you seem unsure. Your heart will not let you down.


Because I will be living in France very shortly, I will share the quote in French (it's original form) and in English.

On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.
L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeuse.
-Le Petit Prince

One only sees well with the heart.
The most important things are invisible to the eyes.
-The Little Prince

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinteresting Finds.

If you've been following Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes in the last week, you've heard me mention, Pinterest over and over again. I am currently obsessed with this awesome site, that let's you "pin"your awesome finds on the web and share them with friends and other Pinterest followers. 

On Pinterest you create your own Pin boards for example I have pin boards dedicated to quotes (duh!), fashions I adore, awesome food recipes, home decorating ideas, desired destinations and one dedicated to places I want to visit while living in France. I have a few others but you can see those once you join in on the fun. I am warning you now that Pinterest is slightly addicting, I am constantly swapping pins with my sister and sending pins to my manfriend for ideas for my future dream home.

Definitely check it out, I promise you that you won't be disappointed! When you join let me know so we can start swapping or pinterests!

Here are are a few of my recent pinteresting finds.
Check them out and have a pinteresting day!

Sweet Stuff and Ideas for the Home. From:

Fashions I Love. From:
Quotes I dig. From:
France. From:
Desired Destinations. From:
Stuff I Love, Love, Love. From:
Foodie Fun. From:

Quote of the day.

Hey loves, happy Tuesday! How was your Monday, I hope it was kind to you. I had a productive day, ending with booking my flight to France. I can't tell you how excited I am, now that the flight is booked it hit me that I'm really moving over there in two months. Boy, do I have a lot to do. 

It's a beautiful Tuesday in New York, I am loving this crisp weather, perfect for running. I can't believe the summer is coming to an end, soon we'll be wearing sweaters and boots, drinking pumpkin spice lattes. I'm not going to lie, I love the Fall! 

Today's quote is from artist, Herm Albright and it's about being a positive person. I absolutely love this quote and have to give props to Herm for creating such a work of art with these words. 

I believe in being a positive person, and I know it's not an easy feat some days but I am finding that life is much better if you have a positive outlook. Be positive, always look for the best in others, don't judge people you don't know, because you have no idea what their circumstances might be. Life is to short to be negative. 

You are always going to have people around you that don't want you to succeed, for reason you may never fully understand. People that don't even know you will tear you apart because that's life and there will always be negative people.  But I say, rise above it! 

As long as you and the people that love you know you're a good person and you work hard and have a positive outlook towards things, that's all that matters. My Manfriend recently told me that with a positive attitude comes success and with success comes haters.  You can't worry about what other people think, focus on your life and your goals.

Enjoy and have a positively amazing Tuesday! 

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. 
-Herm Albright

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Weekend Instagram'd

Benji Scout and Mem, Cape May, New Jersey

Victorian House in Cape May, New Jersey

Swing in front of my sister's house in Cape May, New Jersey

Vintage Clock in Town, Cape May, New Jersey.

Beautiful Fisherman's Memorial, Cape May, New Jersey

Beach at Cape May, New Jersey

Coast Guard Base, Cape May, New Jersey

PopPop giving Benji Scout at Push

My brutally honest Fortune Cookie.

The Turkey that was blocking my running path.

New reads from Barnes and Noble

My sister's amazing macarons...yummy isn't the word

Quote of the day.

Happy Monday Beauties, hope your weekend was wonderful. My weekend of no set plans turned out to be a busy one, full of fun. Now it's back to the weekly grind, until next weekend, at least it's a beautiful day here in New York City, a nice change from the rainy weather we've been having. Be the best you this week, you owe it to yourself, step out of your weekly comfort zone and try something new. 

Yesterday would have been my Half Ironman debut in New Hampshire, and even though I was a little bummed that I bowed out, I knew it was the right thing to do in retrospect. I wasn't ready to conquer such a beast and felt I would be slighting the sport and it's athletes if I attempted the event half prepared. I don't know when I'll do my first Half Ironman, all I do know is that when I do, I'll go in knowing no matter if I finish or not, that I was prepared. So congrats to all the triathletes that competed in the Timberman 70.3 yesterday, you are all bad ass and I admire your strength, courage and beastliness. 

One week down and a short Nine weeks to go until I'm in France with my Manfriend. Who am I kidding nine weeks isn't that short but I am trying to remain as positive as possible. I have a lot to focus on here in New York the next two months, so hopefully that will help pass the time until I'm in the arms of my love, I miss him terribly. 

Today's quote comes from an Unknown Author and I thought it was a great quot to start the week off. On your journey to becoming to best you that you can be, you are going to come up against obstacles and challenges that might be a little scary. Don't be afraid to try, to risk, to dream and explore. You aren't always going to succeed but life is about experience, so take that chance. Come from a place of "yes" rather then a place of "I can't", your life will be a lot more fulfilling.

Enjoy and Conquer!

Be afraid not to try. 
-Unknown Author
Don't be afraid to fail.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Quote of the day.

Loving that it's Friday, I know you are too. What are your plans for this August weekend? Whatever your plans may be, enjoy it, you've worked your ass off all week, take some time this weekend for you because you deserve some "me" time. 

I am looking forward to a relaxing night, I have no set plans, maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble, maybe a glass of wine and a romantic comedy, who knows where the night will take me. I am looking forward to a nice run after work, that is as long as the rain doesn't get in the way. The weather this past week in New York City has been miserable, rainy, hot and humid, not fun for a commuter or for someone that likes to workout outside. So fingers crossed the skies don't open up tonight and I can actually hit the pavement. 

Today's quote comes from my girl, Sara Bareilles and her song, Uncharted, off her latest LP Kaleidoscope Heart. I know this album is almost a year old but it is still a constant on my play list, I love her voice and her words. Uncharted is definitely one of my favorite songs off the album and mainly because of one line, of course that's the quote (lyric) I'm sharing with you today. 

We worry, more then we should about who we are and where we are going, I'm guilty of it, I admit. We need to stop worrying so much about our futures because if we are constantly worrying about what is ahead of us, we won't enjoy what is right in front of us. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, and trust that if you work hard and give it your all, everything will pay off in the end. Remember the present is most certainly a gift, don't take the ride for granted. 


Compare where you are to where you want to be, and you'll get nowhere.
-Sara Bareilles, Uncharted

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quote of the day.

It's a rainy Thursday morning in New York City, what is up with this icky weather lately? I will make the most of my day regardless of the rain and I hope you do to, wherever you are. 

I had a relaxing Wednesday night, curled up on my couch with my computer, writing away while watching, Dear John, which probably wasn't the smartest movie choice, since I already miss my Manfriend and it's a sappy love story but sometimes a girl needs to get in a good cry. 

Today's quote is a great one by explorer, Christopher Columbus. In life we can't be afraid to take chances. This isn't always easy to do, we hang on to things we feel secured to, living easy and sheltered. I am learning more and more it's better to take a risk, try something new, step out of your comfort zone. You'll realize that you are a lot stronger then you think and soon you'll see your story getting far more interesting. 

Enjoy and have a great Thursday! 

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
-Christopher Columbus

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Quote of the day.

Hey there Loves, have a great Wednesday. The rain has finally commenced in New York City and we were greeted by a beautiful crisp August morning. This weather makes me want to lace up my Nike running shoes and run the park, I think I will do that tonight after work. 

I have thank my brother and sister-in-law for having me over for a lovely dinner last night. They know that I hate the feeling of being alone in my big apartment so invited me over, I think this can be a weekly outing. No worries Brendan and Lia, I'll bring the wine. 

The Manfriend gave me a virtual tour of apartment last night, and I love it. I can't get over how big it is. I am going to send him a care package this weekend, filled with a few items that can make the French apartment feel like "Our" French apartment.

Today's quote is a great one about a crazy little thing called, Life. The quote is from an Unknown Author and once again I found it on Pinterest. Your life is the only thing you have ultimate control over. So my advice to you is to enjoy the ride, have fun, stress less, laugh more, test yourself, try things you've always wanted to do. Remember we only get one admission ticket on the roller coaster of life, don't let it expire.


Life is like a roller coaster.
It has its ups and downs.
But it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Countdown til My French Adventure!

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