Thursday, March 17, 2011

500 Days of Summer.

I wish summer was 500 days long as it is my favorite season but since it's only a few short months my manfriend and I like to get the most out of the warm weather. With that being said we like to plan out our summer adventures in advance, giving us a lot to look forward to during the busy winter and spring months.

So here is a look at what we have in store for summer 2011. I'm excited to go on more adventures with my guy and become my favorite travel companion.

Back to Greece.
I am only back in New York for a few weeks before I head back to Greece for the last time. We decided at the end of the season as treat to surviving our first year overseas we will visit one of the Greek Islands. Our top choices are Mykonos or Santorini. I have heard nothing but good things about both places and both islands are gorgeous.



I am really looking forward to this trip and visiting Kyle's grandma. Last year we were unable to make it down there and I was bummed. Tampa is so nice and relaxing, Kyle's grandma is unbelievable and so is her cooking. So to get down there for a long weekend is a must.

Beach in Tampa.

Long Beach Island
This is a McCarrick family tradition and it is definitely the highlight of my summer, Long Beach Island. Every year my family rents a house down the Jersey Shore, and no it's not the MTV "Jersey Shore", LBI is a great beach town which is very family oriented. I love LBI and being able to relax with my family, drinking tiki tea's and bbq. This year is going to be great with the new addition of baby (****), I'm so excited.

Long Beach Island.

Making Our Apartment a Home.
Now that the manfriend will be back in the States with me, we will really be able to enjoy our new place and set it up. A lot is already done, but I can't wait to take trips into Manhattan shopping for pieces that will our apartment more homey. I also can't wait to entertain, which everyone knows I love to do. This is adventure I've been waiting for for a long time.

Our First Place.

Brooklyn Promenade
This is one of New York City's gems, the Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights is one of my favorite places to visit. My dream is to one day live in Brooklyn Heights, so I could have the Promenade and all is it has to offer at my finger tips. Now with the completion of the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, I can't wait to spend a lazy Sunday there with my manfriend.

Brooklyn Promenade.

New Hampshire for the Timberman Ironman
This will be quite the adventure in New Hampshire. I will be fufilling one of my childhood dreams this August by completing a Half Ironman Triathlon. I am so nervous, excited and pumped for experience and my manfriend will be there to cheer me one.

The Bungalow
Since I am really bad at keeping surprises, I already cracked ant told the manfriend part of his birthday present. His birthday isn't until July, that's how bad at keeping surprises, now he knows and I think he's excited. I booked us a little getaway to Long Branch New Jersey. Long Branch is a really nice beach town only 40 minutes away from New York. We will be staying at the hip Bungalow Hotel, I've wanted to stay at this beach side resort since I saw them designing it on the Bravo show Nine By Design. It should be a relaxing day at the beach followed by a yummy dinner and drinks.

The Bungalow.

Hartshorne Woods Trail Run
Last year I signed Kyle and I up to run the Hartshorne Woods Trail Run, which is a brutal seven mile trail run in the trails of Hartshorne Woods in New Jersey. This was Kyle's first trail run and even though he seemed a little nervous at the beginning of the race, he shocked everyone when he came in 2nd place overall in the race. I was sure to let everyone know that he wasn't even a runner. This year we will hit the trail again and who knows maybe he'll come in first, with Kyle that isn't a long shot.

Hartshorne Woods.

Sunday's in the City
One of my favorite things to do in the summer is walk around the city streets of Manhattan. Getting a great lunch and window shopping with my manfriend. Last year we explored so much of the city, but there is so much left to explore. Once we get back from Greece we are going to treat ourselves to dinner at either The Standard or Peter Luger's Steak House. And there will definitely be walks up Bleecker Street, my favorite Street in NYC.

Bleecker Street, NYC.

Cape May
This is my sister's last summer living down in Cape May, New Jersey before her and her family move up to New Hampshire. Because of this the manfriend and I are going to try and get down frequently to enjoy this beautiful beach town, and the added bonus of getting to spend time with my sister and my awesome nephews.

Cape May, New Jersey.

Possible Trips.

These are trips that may or might not happen, it all depends on our busy schedules.

Myrtle Beach


Notre Dame


The Biggest Adventure
Our biggest adventure will be at the end of the summer when we find out where we will be living next year. This is always nerve racking and exciting at the same time. The thought that it really could be living anywhere is so crazy. This year being in Greece has taught us both so much and definitely made me a stronger person. I'm  excited for our next journey because I know we are in this together and that makes it that much sweeter.

Oh the possiblities.

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