Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Editions to the Ray.Ban Family.

If you don't know by now, I have a slight obsession with Ray.Bans. Because of my move to Greece tomorrow, I decided to treat myself to a fresh pair of Rays. I got a pair, that I loved!!

To my surprise, the next day in the mail I received a coupon for the Sunglass Hut and I decided I may have to take another trip to the store just to browse. Well I walked away with a pair for me and a pair of classic Aviators for my manfriend.
(I may have a problem here)


I love the big lens and the resemble the classic Wayfarer.

Ray.Ban Cats 5000

Just like the Aviators, but they have a plastic frame. I love how they come two toned. I went with black and purple.

And I'm very Happy to Welcome Kyle to the Ray.Ban Clan.

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