Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quote of the day + A Tune.

Happy Sunday, not only is today my favorite day of the week but it is also my favorite day of the year, the Staten Island St. Patrick's Day Parade is here. I love this day for so many reasons, I've been going to this parade since I was born, so we have a lot of history. I love celebrating my heritage with my family, watching the parade and then coming back to my mom and dad's house for the best party of the year. Enjoying some yummy Irish food and a few beers with the ones I love, life doesn't get much better. 

Today's quote is another Irish Blessing in honor of this special day and I hope you enjoy it.

Lucky stars above you,
Sunshine on your way,
Many friends to love you,
Joy in work and play-
Laughter to outweigh each care,
In your heart a song-
And gladness waiting everywhere
All your whole life long!
- Irish Blessing 

Today I included a song that I absolutely love.
The song is the Celtic Woman's version of You Raise Me Up, the words to this song are so freaking beautiful.


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