Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sunday I enjoyed my favorite day of the year, the Staten Island St. Patrick's Day Parade. Even though it rained there was nothing stopping my family and I from having a good time.

This day is steeped in tradition for my family. My parent's house is up the block from the parade route, so every year we have a kick ass party after the parade, this year there was added excitement as we were also celebrating my nephew Benjamin's 2nd birthday.

Most years I run the Forest Avenue Mile which kicks off the parade, but since I just got back from Greece I decided to sit this one out and really enjoy some quality time with my family and that we did. We start the day off early in my household, waking up to the smell of shepards pie, corned beef and soda bread, this is what I think heaven must be like. We enjoy a traitional beer and then head down to the parade.

Me and HooLigan #1.

This year was a little wet, but the parade was still a blast. I love the pipers, the high school bands and various groups marching. Despite the rain, the parade route was still packed with Staten Island's Irish and the people that are Irish for the day. Every year my family does a bar crawl along the parade route, stopping at all the bars and ending at my parent's house for some traditional Irish grub.

The Pipers.
My Family and I at Nucci's Bar.

The greatest tradition in my family, is after a day of parading, bar hoping, and Irish food, we all sit around my parent's dining room and play BINGO for "Green Things", which my Nana started many years ago. These BINGO games get intense and the prizes are always a treat, this year I actually won a game and got some sweet Irish curly straws, haha perfect for my new apartment.

Even my Cobi was wearing green. 

The added bonus this year was celebrating my nephew's birthday, his theme was Where the Wild Thing Are. My sister did an amazing job once again, proving that she could win the "Mom of the Year" award, she is amazing as are the yummy cupcakes she made for Benjamin. Her husband Chris is away with the Cost Guard but we managed to get him on Skype to join in singing Happy Birthday, isn't technology amazing.

Ben and his Where the Wild Thing Are cake.

I have to say this was another SI St. Patty's Day to remember and I already started the countdown for next year's. The one downside was that my manfriend couldn't be there to celebrate but I know he'll enjoy many Patty's Day celebrations to come.


Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A handsome guy and an honest one.
A cold beer and another one.


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