Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Pea.

This weekend the ladies in my family gathered at my aunt's house to throw my sister-in-law a baby shower in anticipation of the little babes arrival.  The theme for the baby shower was Sweat Pea, and my mother and sister found the cutest decorations for our newest little sweet pea.

I absolutely love baby showers for one reason, clothes in miniature. These little outfits are just so damn cute. My new nephew will be sporting the nicest wardobe thanks to my awesome family.

After watching Lia open some amazing gifts, we all enjoyed some of my sister's famous cupcakes. These cupcakes are by far the prettiest cupcakes she has ever made and of course they were delicious.

I am so excited for my brother Brendan and sis-in-law Lia, what they are about to embark on is nothing short of amazing and I wish them nothing but the best, and I can't wait to meet baby (****), I'm not going to be the one to broadcast baby (***)'s name on the internet. But I must say it is the cutest name for what is going to be a gorgeous baby boy.

Brendan and Lia.

Can't wait to meet you, Sweet Pea!

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