Here are a few individuals who inspire me. 

Bethenny Frankel

I absolutely love this woman, she is everything I hope to be when it comes to being a successful woman. My manfriend says I love her so much because we are the same person, which was one of the best compliments someone could give. She's hard working and confident. Bethenny is a great role model for young women trying to find their own path. Her most recent book, "A Place of Yes", is a must read. Check out her website to learn more about this amazing lady.

Kyle McAlarney 

He's not just on here because I happen to be in a relationship with him, he is on here because everyday he inspires me. Kyle's journey to reaching his ultimate dream hasn't been an easy one. He's gone through many ups and some serious downs but through it all he's managed to stay positive and maintain the character of a truly amazing young man.  His determination and passion for what he loves is contagious and because of him I challenge myself to be better. I believe he can achieve anything he wants to in life and I'm pretty sure he will. Visit McAlarney Basketball to see more on Kyle.

Randy Pausch

After reading his book, "The Last Lecture", I was inspired to go out and fulfill my childhood dreams. Randy was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given 3 to 6 months to live. He gave his "last" lecture to his students and colleagues about going out and achieving your childhood dreams. His story is so inspiring, here is a guy who is on deaths door and he is delivering one of the most positive speeches I have ever heard. He's taught me that it is never to late to go after something you've always dreamed of achieving. To learn more about Randy and his amazing story visit, The Last Lecture.

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