Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Tuesday my beautiful bloggers and readers, have a great day and stay cool, it's a hot one here in New York. I got up a little earlier then normal, because I went to bed rather early last night, but now I'm enjoying some yummy espresso the manfriend made for me, watching SportsCenter of course and blogging to you guys. I love it when I get to enjoy my mornings. 

Yesterday I had to take my 16 year old puppy, Cobi,  to the vet, I was so nervous. I could tell he was nervous as well because he hid between my legs in the waiting room, the usually very vocal pup was silent, not a peep came out of him, it broke my heart. The vet gave Cobi the thumbs up, he was actually pretty healthy for a dog his age, the vet told me he still has a lot of pep in his step and could live until 20. I couldn't help but smile, this dog has become a member of my family, and he isn't ready to leave us yet, he'll let me know when he is. I love you Cobi! 

I can't wait to get in a running/yoga session today after work, it is much needed. Sometimes you have to kick your own butt in a workout, to let yourself know you've still got it. 

Today's quote comes from author, Tracey Steffey. I dig quotes like this, it's a great quote to live your life by. Life is short, love yourself and others. Be true to you, be yourself, even if people might find you different. Challenge yourself, make your life more interesting. Your life is one great story, when you go for it your story is going to be one epic journey.


Be yourself, truthfully
Accept yourself, gratefully
Value yourself, joyfully
Forgive yourself, completely
Treat yourself, generously
Balance yourself, harmoniously
Bless yourself, abundantly
Trust yourself, wholeheartedly
Empower yourself, prayerfully
Give yourself, enthusiastically
Express yourself, radiantly
-Tracey Steffy 

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