Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quote of the day.

It's a beautiful day in New York, I am loving this weather. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, be productive, have some fun and relax, you deserve it. Today I've been doing some apartment work and I must say it really is coming along, I can't wait for the manfriend to see it.

Today's quote is from the television show, The Wonder Years. It was such a great show and when I found this quote I had to use it. This quote holds so much truth, and if you get anything out of it I hope it's that you follow your heart and have passion in your life.


When you're a little kid, you're a little bit of everything. Artist, scientist, athlete, scholar... Sometimes it seems like growing up is the process of giving those things up. One by one. I guess we all have one thing we regret giving up. One thing we really miss. That we gave up because we were too lazy or, we couldn't stick it out or, because we were afraid. 
-The Wonder Years

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