Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Most Famous Waffle Iron In Town.

Yesterday my manfriend who knows I'm a Nike junkie and love the history of the brand, sent an article my way from Newser. The family of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman discovered the original waffle iron that inspired the first pair of Nike sneakers.
The Waffle Iron.
The iron was buried on the property of the late Bill Bowerman, his family gave the relic to Nike. For Nike this is their most prized possession, because this iron is where it all started, the birth of a shoe empire.

The story is that one day while Bill's wife was using the waffle iron for breakfast, they were talking about how to make running shoes lighter and faster. As one of the waffles came out, Bill said, " You know, by turning it upside down-where the waffle part would come in contact with the track- I think that might work."

This sparked an idea and Bowerman used the now infamous waffle iron to test his theory, and he was rather successful.

I love history like this, seeing where something so big such as Nike was born.

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