Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love me some CAKE.

I love CAKE, big cakes, cupcakes, mini cakes, bunt cake,pound cake, fruit cake, you name it I love it. This started at an early age and as I got older my addiction has only gotten worse. I love cake so much that I tattooed a cupcake on my foot, which has made me hungry on numerous occasions. So when the subject of my 25th birthday came up, the only thing I cared about was PARTY CAKE, and maybe a little booze let's not kid ourselves here. Who doesn't love a good piece of party cake, you are lying if you say you don't. 

So with party cake on the brain only one person came to mind that would be able to fill my need and bake this little piece of heaven for me,  and that is my sister Becky. If you didn't know my sister is one bad ass baker, I've posted some of her creations in past posts but if you haven't seen them check them out here FatBottomCupcakes, she is amazing so I thought what better person to make my birthday cake. 

I've been dreaming about this cake for weeks, one of the things I miss most being in Greece is my sisters baking. So on December 11th when my family and I celebrate my 25th birthday, I will be chowing down on some of Becky's most marvelous baking creations, I can't wait!

I've sent her some ideas for the cake, trying to encompass all I love. This was hard to do because the more cakes I google'd the more ideas I got.  I think we found a winner or two after I sent her the pictures. I'll just have to wait until the party to see what she came up with. My sister knows she holds the key to my happiness in the yummy goodness that is her baking. 

Below are the pictures I sent her. Please don't judge me! 
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, as long as they aren't, "you have to much time on your hands."

Happy Caking!

The Cobi Cake. Yes, that would be a cake of my beloved puppy Cobi. 

The Starbucks Cake...Need I say more?

The Tiffany Box Cake. I would prefer a real diamond, but I don't want to get carried away.

The Nikon Camera Cake. Because I am quite snap happy.

The Running Cake. Well that's because I am an avid jogger. (I think the "j" is silent.)

Bloomingdales Cake. I would love if there was a gift certificate inside. 

New York City Cake. Because I love this city, my city!

A Kyle Cake. Haha, I'm just kidding! I mean I love the guy but to eat him, that would be a little weird.

A Snookie Cake, because who wouldn't want a Snookie Cake!


Nikki Jo said...

I LOVE the city and Starbucks cakes! What about a cake that has all of these on it? Like have the city be the main thing in the center with all little elements around it?

Meggie said...

Yea...I think she is going to do a Cobi Cake haha, with Starbucks and Tiffany Box cupcakes :)

I guess we will have to wait and see!!!

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