Monday, February 28, 2011

Muddy Buddy.

I've always wanted to participate in a mud run and now my chance has finally come. I just registered my manfriend and I to run the Columbia Muddy Buddy Race Series in New York.

The New York Muddy Buddy is July 24th, I know it is far way but these races sell out super quick. 

It's a six mile race consisting of three miles of running and three miles of biking for each member of your team. The fun part is that it is extremely muddy and you get to go through obstacles after each mile marker. 

After running and racing all different distances all over the place, I'm excited to try something different and liven up my sport a bit, especially since I'll be in the heart of my Half Ironman training. It will also be fun to compete with my manfriend, he's super competitive so I am a little nervous. 

Check out the Muddy Buddy website here; They have races all over the country, but like I said it sells out quick, so register soon!

Time to Get Muddy!

1 comment:

Susanne said...

sounds fun! hope you will give us a report after :)

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