Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday something rare happened, I said "NO" to Starbucks. I didn't really want to say no, but it was pouring outside and I just didn't feel like braving the elements. I still however, wanted my midday treat, so instead of Starbucks we went right next door to our local grocer. 

At first the manfriend and I were just going to pick up some chocolate to munch on, but then he had a great idea, let's make crepes. Yummy, we got all the supplies we needed and hurried back to the apartment. Back at our place, the manfriend put on a pot of Casi Ceilo coffee and I warmed up the pan to start our crepes.

When my crepe was ready and warm, I added the necessary fillers to make this crepe the best it could possibly be. I added Nutella, whipped cream and sprinkled some cinnamon on top. My guy did the same only he also added some crushed graham crackers to his. 

These were just what we needed to cheer us up on a rainy day, and so easy to make. They were very filling and I had a hard time eating all of mine, so I let Kyle finish the rest. (Aren't I a nice girlfriend.) 

I'm glad my guy came up with this idea, it was fun and a nice substitute for a missed trip to Starbucks.

Happy Crepe'ing 

The Crepe Process 

 My Crepe
Kyle's Crepe

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