Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a Pleasant Surprise.

Yesterday at our daily Starbucks outing  my guy started talking about Valentine's Day, he said he had something really nice planned. We usually make Valentine's Day a very low key affair, usually dinner someplace special nothing over the top. So I was wondering what my guy had up his sleeve. 

At first I didn't want to know, I wanted to be left surprised but what's the difference in finding out now or a few days from now, so I asked what he had planned. 

He told me he booked us a little getaway, we will be going to the Arion Resort in Astir Palace, Athens. Astir Palace is part of the Athens Riviera which is right outside of Vouliagmeni. I am so excited to getaway from our apartment for the weekend, be by the gorgeous water and relax with my guy. Fingers crossed for great weather. 

Thanks Kyle for always being so thoughtful, you are amazing. Love you.

I can't wait for the weekend to get here. 

Astir Palace, Athens

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