Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh My Yummm.

Last night my sweet boyfriend surprised me with some cupcakes from the awesome I Love Cupcakes shop in Glyfada. I was absolutely delighted to see that cute little box and very excited to see what was inside.

Tonight on the menu where some really sweet treats, a classic vanilla (always a must), a vanilla marshmallow, vanilla brownie and last but certainly not least the oatmeal cream cheese cupcake. 

Cuppy Cakes.

I was really intrigued with the oatmeal cream cheese cupcake, so we had this one first. This cupcake was awesome, the combination of the oatmeal cake and cream cheese icing accompanied by a blueberry spread on top. I really didn't want this cupcake to end!

 Oatmeal Cream Cheese Cupcake.

Next we had the vanilla brownie cupcake, this cuppy cake was so yummy. It was the perfect combination of moist chocolate brownie cake and classic vanilla cream icing. I Love Cupcakes definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to cupcakes. 

 Vanilla Brownie.

We saved the vanilla marshmallow and classic vanilla to enjoy tonight after dinner, and I keep staring at the box anxiously awaiting the yummy treats inside.

 Classic Vanilla.
Vanilla Marshmallow.

I Love Cupcakes!

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