Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Excellent Happen.

Now that I am training for a Half Ironman I know I have to step my training up a notch. This morning I did a great yoga workout followed by some tough core work at the end.  I knew I needed to do another workout out today, I planned on doing the Crossfit Endurance workout of the day, but I was procrastinating, maybe I'll just do two tomorrow.

My guy headed off to practice and I was on the computer, going on Facebook for the billionth time, then I went on YouTube  and watched some great motivating videos.  The next thing I knew, I was in my running clothes and out the door. Sometimes it takes that little extra something to get me going, and today it was a Nike and a New Balance commercial. 

I'm not going to lie, it is really tough training day in and day out alone, you can easily slip. I must say it is hard to slip or go easy when you live with a professional athlete who's so in tune with working out but the temptation is there and I do have days where the couch and Nutella are way more appealing then the gravel trail in the park. 

Then I think, why am I doing this? I do it not for the end result after months of training, even though that's an amazing feeling. I do it for  the moment right after my workout, it's this sense of accomplishment that no one can take away from me, it's knowing that I gave an hour of my day to my body and mind. And the days when I feel like working out the least, that sense of accomplishment is even bigger because I beat that lethargic enemy that everyone possesses within. 

So tonight instead of seeing who updated their status on Facebook, I jogged over to the park, did the CrossFit Endurance workout and it totally kicked my ass. I didn't let my inner lazy demon win, which has brought me one step closer to being a Half Ironman Finisher. 

Thank you Nike and New Balance!

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