Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to my nephew Benjamin Scout! He's two today and I can't believe it. I hope he has a fantastic day and I love him so much. I hope everyone has fun tonight watching the Superbowl, I unfortunately won't be able to watch it here in Greece because it's on to late. I do hope that when I wake up Monday morning I'll see that the Packers were victorious. 

I love Sunday's and look forward to exploring a little more of Greece today, the weather is getting really nice here. 

Today's quote is in honor of my little goofy nephew Ben. It's from the John Lennon song, Beautiful Boy which is one of my favorite John Lennon songs. I really don't need to explain the lyrics to this amazing song, as they are very self explanatory. Love you Ben Ben <3


Before you go to sleep, 

Say a little prayer, 
Every day in every way, 
It's getting better and better, 

Beautiful, beautiful, 
Beautiful Boy, 

Out on the ocean sailing away, 
I can hardly wait, 
To see you to come of age, 
But I guess we'll both, 
Just have to be patient, 
Yes it's a long way to go, 
But in the meantime, 

Before you cross the street, 
Take my hand, 
Life is just what happens to you, 
While your busy making other plans
-John Lennon, Beautiful Boy

Enjoy the song.

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