Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Sunday Lovers, hope everyone is having a nice, productive, fabulous weekend. I'm definitely enjoying having my cousin here and Greece, it really means so much to me that she came out here to visit. Today I'll be taking her to her first basketball game overseas and it should be memorable to say the least.

 I've been a little lax this week with my workouts, but I figured my body needed a little vacation, once I'm back in New York and into a routine it's show time, more runs, swims and biking, mixed with some CrossFit stuff. I'm actually pretty excited to take my training to the next level. 

Today's quote comes from Kristen Armstrong, Lance Armstrong's former wife, she is an author and blogger for Runner's World. I came across this quote and fell in love with it, mostly because I need to learn how to do some of these things. 


Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don't be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who lift you up, and cut loose the ones who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally, know who you are.

- kristin armstrong

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