Saturday, January 29, 2011

Retraction. It's Kyle NOT Jason.

In yesterday's post My Favorite Skinny Girl Returns February 28th on Bravo! , I confessed that Jason Hoppy who is married to Bethenny Frankel was the man of my dreams. I knew that writing this could possibly piss off my manfriend but I wrote it anyway. 

Well, later on in the day as my guy was reading through my latest posts, I saw him pause which then proceeded in him saying, "So Jason is your dream guy." 

So I am now retracting my statement that "Jason is my dream guy." My manfriend is clearly my dream guy and I even let him know that he reminds me of Jason in a lot of ways. I also let him know that there was no chance of me landing Jason because he is well MARRIED. I told him I'd retract the statement,  hoping  to  embarrass him. So there you have it my statement is retracted. 

<-- It's Kyle NOT Jason -->


Anonymous said...

tooo funny!!!

But I must agree...I have a MAJOR crush on Jason....yet they are such a cute couple!! I feel like they would make the perfect neighbors...cant you see it now...Block Parties in the Hamptons hehe

Hugs from FL

Meggie said...

Hahaha...he is awesome because he's both a guys guy and a good hubby. Men everywhere should take note!!

And yes they would be perfect neighbors!!! Block parties with Skinny Girl Margaritas of course ;)


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