Friday, January 14, 2011

My Home

I'm going to get a little mushy right now, so if you don't like mushy you might want to steer clear. The past week I have been extremely homesick here in Greece, missing my family, friends, puppy and job back in New York but through it all my manfriend has been nothing short of amazing. 

Our relationship has been quite the test, we've had some challenges along the way. Dealing with a long distance relationship for two years and going through some very stressful days because of my guys career. When I decided to take a chance and come live with my guy, I was very nervous and scared but he has proven to me time and again that I've made the right choice. I know that home is wherever he is and everything else will fall into place. 

This relationship has helped me grow as an individual and I am proud of myself for being more of a risk taker. I don't know what the road ahead entails but I am learning not to worry about what is up ahead and to take joy in the living that is now. 

I am currently obsessed with iMovie and made a little video from all the pictures of my guy and I.  We've been all over the place but we manage to keep each other smiling and for that I am thankful. 

And I just wanted to thank my awesome family for not forgetting about me while I am away, the Skype calls, kiks and Facebook messages don't go unnoticed and really make my day. Love you all!

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