Monday, January 17, 2011

Ikaros vs. Aris

Saturday night was rather exciting, my manfriend's team Ikaros had a home game. His team which at this point was in eighth place, faced off against the third place team Aris. This was going to be a battle.

The game was so intense from the first minute to the final seconds, the fans were crazy as usual equipped with horns and rolls of toilet paper which they were throwing from the stands. Ikaros held a lead most of the game until the final minute when a big play was made by Aris and put them up by one with 26 seconds remaining. Ugh, I hate games like this my body can't take the stress of it, I was texting my family back home giving them the play by play and losing my mind. 

Ikaros had possession and my guy got the ball and put up a shot and missed but the player from Aris who rebounded the ball stepped out of bounds, so now it was Ikaros ball once again. With seven seconds left, my guy came off a really great pick and got the ball on the inbounds, squared up and released a three and bam he made it. Everyone went nuts, I couldn't stop screaming it was insane in the arena. They still had four seconds to play and Aris had the ball, all they needed to do was play solid defense and not let a shot get off, they were successful and Ikaros came out with a 64-62 victory against Aris. 

This is the second time in two weeks that my guy hit a game winner. I am so proud of my guy and his team, they were focused and never gave up! I think they are definitely going to make the playoffs, which is amazing considering this is their first time in the A1 Division.

Go Ikaros!

Here are some clips I put together, hope you enjoy.

Kyle's Game Winner

Ikaros vs. Aris...I don't know what happened to the music, sorry for the silence. I will try and fix it.

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