Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Love Cupcakes.

Someone heard my whining, answered my prayers and opened a cupcake shop in Athens. Well it's not actually in Athens, it's right outside of the city in Glyfada which happens to be right where my manfriend's arena is, so I basically hit the jackpot. 

It's called I Love Cupcakes, isn't that cute and who doesn't love cupcakes. When my guy and I first tried to go to this shop on New Year's Eve it was closed but last night after dinner we walked by and made it just in time, they were getting ready to close. I Love Cupcakes, made me feel like I was walking into one of the many cupcake boutiques back home in New York City, which was very comforting. Their cupcakes are made fresh daily and they only sell a limited variety of flavors each day, which is very smart. 

The service was great, the lady who helped us was very friendly and even gave us a sample baby cupcake, which almost made me fall over with delight. I sampled the classic vanilla cake with vanilla icing and I was in Heaven, it tasted just like my sister's homemade icing which I have been craving since the moment we landed back in Greece. The sales lady also answered some of our questions about this funky looking dessert on the counter, which turned out being a meringue, with chocolate inside which I am totally trying next time because tonight was all about me, some cupcakes and maybe the manfriend if he is lucky. 

The four flavors they where showcasing when we walked in were, the classic vanilla on vanilla, red velvet with vanilla cream cheese icing, carrot and orange, and lastly Baileys icing with a chocolate mocha cake. My picks were easy, two classic vanilla cupcakes and two Baileys chocolate mocha cupcakes. I hope all my cupcake aficionados don't hate me but I am not the biggest fan of red velvet cupcakes and the carrot and orange cupcake sounded a little to funky for my taste buds. 

Before we left the shop I told the lady who had been helping us, that I've been searching for a cupcake place in Greece for months and that this place is quite the gem. She was very happy to hear that and handed us some business cards. 

I was so excited when we got back to the apartment, I couldn't wait to dive into these babies. I started with the classic vanilla, I think a few tears of joy and amazement rolled down my cheeks after I took the first bite. This cupcake was nothing short of spectacular, the cake a fresh and the icing was the perfect amount of sweet. I gave my guy a bite and I knew he approved because all he said was, "Wow!'

Next was the Baileys chocolate mocha, the cake was so moist that my fingers sunk into the cake. I couldn't believe what I was eating, the cake and icing combo was spectacular, a real explosion of flavor. I couldn't help but giggle as I most often do when food is just that good. It was so filling, as I stopped to breathe I noticed that the rest of my vanilla cupcake mysteriously disappeared. Then I saw my guy smiling with cupcake stuffed in his mouth, he just couldn't help himself. His inner fat kid couldn't hold back and he stole my cupcake. I gave him the death stare for a good five minutes, but I got over it knowing that there was still two cupcakes left for me to enjoy. 

I Love Cupcakes just gained a frequent buyer, I will definitely be back for more. I know this sounds crazy but it's a little thing like a cupcake that can comfort you and help you not feel so far away from all you love back home.

Happy Cupcaking!


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lucky you! your very own cupcake joint!!

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