Monday, January 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions.

The only bad thing about going out on a long run is that I have to much time to think. And when I get to thinking sometimes I concoct some ideas. 

While I was running I thought what if I try and run a marathon this spring to qualify for the Boston Marathon for spring 2012. I  would need to run a 3:40 marathon, which I am only seven minutes away from achieving. Originally I planned on running the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May to qualify for the New York City Marathon for November 2012. I would need to clock a time of 1:37 or better and I am less then two minutes away from achieving that time.  Now my head was spinning.

After my run I came back to the apartment to see if there are any marathons this Spring that I could run and not cut into my Half Ironman training. I found that the New Jersey Marathon is May 1st, which is totally an option. Now the decision is, qualify for Boston or qualify for New York. 

I've run New York twice, the first time I got in because I knew someone and the second time I ran for Team Livestrong. Boston I ran once and ran with Team Livestrong. So I never qualified for either of them. New York is my hometown and an amazing marathon, but Boston is the most prestigious marathon in the United States and to qualify for that is on my bucket list. 

So what will it be? I know I have the resources and weather in Greece as an advantage to really get in some great training while I am over here. But I also need to think of the overall picture which is competing in the Timberman Half Ironman this August, that needs to be my main focus. So will a marathon get in the way or is May enough time to recover? 

Ahhhh, a big decision needs to be made and I have to make it soon. 
What should I do? 

Boston April 19th, 2010.

 New York Nov. 1st, 2009

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