Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quote of the day.

Thursday already, this week is flying by. I've had a productive morning went for a run, had a great workout  and now I am about to go enjoy a yummy coffee, life is good. Things to look forward to today are; American Idol, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale and Jersey Shore. I guess you can say my guilty pleasure is reality television. 

Today's quote is from Sara Bareilles an amazing singer/songwriter. This quote is off of her new LP Kaleidoscope Heart, which I am obsessed with. Her lyrics are great, it is definitely considered chick music and as a chick I find it very relatable. The lyrics used for today's quote are from the song titled Kaleidoscope Heart, same as the album title. There is something about these lyrics that I find so beautiful. 


All the colors

Of the rainbow
Hidden 'neath my skin

Hearts have colors
Don't we all know?
Red runs through our veins

Feel the fire burning up

Inspire me with blood
Of blue and green

I have hope
Inside is not a heart
But a kaleidoscope
-Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart 

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