Monday, January 10, 2011

Breakfast this good should be illegal!

Sunday morning we ventured out of our apartment for breakfast. There aren't many breakfast spots here in Greece, they don't have diners like we do back home but they do have the cafe' and their idea of breakfast is a little different then ours. 

We went to a local spot Ciao, which is right around the corner from our place. Ciao is an Italian cafe that is always busy and I know why, the food is great and you can't believe how cheap it is. We've become regulars here and when they see us they automatically grab the English menu, makes me feel good to be a regular in a different country. 

We started the morning with some coffee, I ordered a cappuccino and my guy got a doppio espresso. For breakfast we picked two croissants that we would split. I ordered the cream croissant and the manfriend went with the ham and cheese croissant. 

It was a very funny moment when our waiter brought out our coffees along with two tiny croissants, my guy thought the small croissants where what we ordered and looked at the waiter in disbelief and quickly went two order two more croissants. The waiter smiled and let us know these were just for starters and that our order would be out shortly. 

Well tiny was not the word for what our waiter brought us, these croissants where huge and they looked amazing. They were equally tasty and I could very well get used to eating breakfast like this everyday the only problem would be after a month you'd have to roll me out the door. Compliments to Ciao and their awesome cafe, that has kept me very satisfied and full since I've been living in Greece. 

Enjoy the mini video I made with Flip video and iMovie. You can see for yourself how huge these croissants were. 


Susanne said...

i'm not sure if a breakfast liek this wouldn't kill me, haha

Meggie said...

It was so good, I almost died and went to heaven!!!

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