Friday, April 8, 2011

Nike Running + Me

Back in September in one of my very first posts for Jeans and Tee's and Travel and Cakes titled, Living Out A Childhood Dream, I talk about how I was given the opportunity to shoot for Nike. I spent two days on location running my little heart out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and also at a track on Riverside Drive. It was an amazing experience getting to try on all the cool, not yet released Nike Gear and the 2011 Nike Air Max that I was told to protect with my life. 

Well with months of waiting to see what would come of this shoot, I have finally seen some of the end product. I actually stumbled across it while looking at the Nike Women's site. I clicked on a video and bam there I am running. I am featured in two promo videos for the Spring 2011 Nike Apparel Line and for the Spring 2011 Nike Shoe Launch. I am not sure if they will be using my footage anywhere else but I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

Running through Brooklyn Navy Yard.

This was a dream come true for me to work for Nike, which is a brand I am in utter love with. I was really living out one of my childhood dreams and the fact that running was included made it even better. 

Here are the spots, I hope you enjoy! 

You see me in the beginning and then a bunch more around 4 minutes.

Here you see my feet rocking the Lunarhaze+ at the five minute mark, I'm wearing the black and pink shoes.

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