Friday, April 15, 2011

Quote of the day. (May Be My Favorite.)

Wahoo for Friday, hope it's a great one for you. I'm excited because I'll be home in two short weeks, it's surreal that we are closing this crazy chapter that has been this year living in Greece. But who knows we can end up here again in another chapter, I guess that's the crazy thing about life, you just never fully know. 

Today's quote I found on by Bill Cosby, famous actor, comedian, author and activist. I saw this quote and smiled because this is something we battle with all the time. I know sometimes I let situations and things scare me but you have to decide what you really want in life and if that situation or thing is something you want to attain or accomplish then do not fear it, go after it.(Make it your bitch! That's me being brutally honest.) 

Here are a few things that I was afraid of but I wanted these things bad enough that I didn't let fear get the best of me.
  • Marathons - I was so scared of this distance but by running my first marathon in 2007 I learned not only can I handle this long distance, I also learned a lot about myself and what I deserved in life during that 3 hour and 47 minute experience. Now I'm addicted to marathons.
  • Relationships - Yikes, I mean I think everyone can relate to this. After one that ended not so great (never a good thing for the mind), I was afraid of anyone that came within 5 feet of me. But when I finally let my guard down I met a guy that was so concerned with making me smile that the fear of loving someone or letting someone love me disappeared. 
  • Being Happy - I was legitimately afraid when things in my life started going in the right direction. I thought something bad was going to happen because, no one should be this happy. I learned that myself along with everyone else deserves to find their own form of happiness and that isn't relying on someone else to make you happy. It's doing what makes you happy, you owe that to yourself more then anything! 

 Now enough of my babble, Enjoy the Quote!

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. 
-Bill Cosby

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