Thursday, April 14, 2011

Change of Plans...Santorini.

Originally my manfriend and I decided that since we couldn't spend Easter back home in the States that we would spend it in Rome, eating the food and taking in the sites. Well there has been a change of plans we are now spending our Easter in Santorini, Greece. We made the switch because it is said that Easter Weekend in Rome is its busiest time of the year for tourists, and I wanted to avoid that. ( I have a phobia about crowds) I am a little sad we won't be going to Italy for a few days but I know we will do it even bigger in the future. 

I am however majorly excited to go to Santorini, everyone who has visited this island said it is like nothing you've ever seen before. There is a volcano on the island so the beaches actually have black sand, which will help me with my tan I'm sure. And like most Greek Islands it is steeped in history, which the manfriend and I are going to explore. 

We are taking a ferry from the mainland to the island and staying at a pretty sweet resort.I am looking forward to a few days to decompress with my guy after a very hectic year and before we head home to the States getting back to our daily grind there. 

I love traveling and I think after we see Santorini we can say we've seen all Greece has to offer.

 Here is my fashion inspiration for our trip to Santorini. 

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