Monday, April 4, 2011

Saganaki? Yes, Please!

Today after our swim in Lake Vouliagmeni, my manfriend took me to an authentic Greek Restaurant. Now you are probably thinking you live in Greece aren't all Greek Restaurants authentic, but my manfriend was recently told by a native Greek that the further away you get from Athens (where we live) the better the Greek food is, so with that in mind we journeyed outside of Athens to a place I can't spell which I am sad about because I won't be able to recommend it. 

This was by far the best Greek cuisine I have had since I've been in Greece, which is saying a lot because since October the manfriend and myself have been trying out all the local eateries.

 When you drive along the road leading up to this restaurant there are about 7 other restaurants, all looking the same. Each restaurant has a gentleman outside waving at you to pull into their designated parking lot. The restaurant we went had a sweet Greek man directing us where to park while enjoying one of his many afternoon cigarettes. 

When you walk inside the first thing you see is a lamb, pig and a couple of chickens being roasted, so this restaurant isn't for the vegetarian type. We were then greeted by another friendly Greek who sat us. Since Kyle has been here before with his team, I told him to order us the goods, he came through that's for sure. 

When they brought our food to the table my eyes lit up, over the past three years I have become quite the foodie fanatic and this quite possibly could be my foodie heaven.  

We ordered a traditional Greek salad, unlike a Greek salad you would see back in the U.S, traditional Greek salads do not come with lettuce, it is strictly tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, capers, red onion, olives and huge hunk of feta cheese with olive oil drizzled on top. This salad was amazing and the only healthy thing that came with our lunch. 

Traditional Greek Salad.

I'm a carb addict so my manfriend made sure he ordered some of Greece's best Saganaki. Saganaki is my favorite find in Greece, it's a cheese that is fried, not so healthy but every now and then the body needs some bad. This was by far the best Saganaki I've ever had, it was the perfect blend of sweet and salty, the cheese was fried perfectly and I had to have a moment of silence after I took my first bite. 

First bite is always the best.

Addition to the cheesy Saganaki, we also ordered cheese pies. These resembled little puff pastries but were so much better because they were stuffed with warm feta cheese. I quite possibly went into a food coma for a minute or two after consuming the saganaki and cheese pie because for a minute I thought this can't be real life, no food could be this delicious. 

 Cheese pies.

Now onto the meat, my guy ordered us chicken. Now I thought they bring us out a chicken skewer or two not a whole brood of chickens. I couldn't believe the massive portion of chicken they placed in front of me. This chicken was cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside, it came right off the bone. 

That's a whole lot of chicken.

After our lunch my manfriend ordered us Greek yogurt and honey, which he was told helps with digestion. I was thinking that I would need to eat about three gallons of yogurt to help me digest what had just ate. The yogurt and honey was the perfect ending to an amazing lunch. I've always been a lover of honey, my family used to make fun of me because I would put honey on my honey nut cheerios. So once again I thought this must not be real life because this yogurt and honey is way to good to actually exist. 

Greek yogurt and honey.

I will definitely be taking another trip to this great Greek spot before we head back to the States at the end of the month. It's exciting to try food that you wouldn't normally eat on a daily basis and experiences like this keep adding to the adventure that I call my life. 


Nikki Jo said...

Feta cheese is my favorite kind of cheese (next to mozzarella and provolone) so I am dying to try both of those dishes!

Meggie said...

You have to try can google the recipe :) it's to die for!!!


Great post! I would love to use one of your photo for one of my post that I'm working on at
Hope you don't mind. If you want me to remove it. Please let me know. Keep up great work Meggie.
Many thanks.

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