Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Greek Chapter

I can't believe this chapter of my life is coming to a close, it is so surreal. I remember being on the Staten Island Ferry coming home from work when I got the call from my guy that he got an offer to play ball in Greece, at that moment my heart stopped this was the change I knew was coming but when it comes you are never fully prepared. 

We made the decision months earlier that wherever he played, I was going to go with him, it was the biggest step I've ever taken, not just with a relationship but with my life in general. Moving to a foreign country, leaving my family, my job, the comfort of New York City, I was so freaking scared but I took a huge step and it was life changing.

 Living in another country teaches you so much about yourself, I've learned communication is the key to happiness, I learned that not all Europeans hate Americans, I learned to slow down every once in awhile, I learned that I can actually cook (haha), I also learned there is no place like home and there is definitely no place like New York. I'll never forget the day of the New York City Marathon back in November, I downloaded a program which enabled me to watch the race over the computer, I cried like a baby seeing my city and that race, it was like knowing your family had a party and you weren't invited. I think that's the hardest part about being away, it's missing events and with my family there are always events.

Greece has been an amazing Chapter of my life, I can't believe I was given the opportunity to live abroad. I am proud of myself and I am super proud of my relationship with the manfriend. It wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, I am sure there were days when he wanted me to take the next flight back to the States, but we survived and I say we passed a major test. I don't know what's up with this relationship and tests, first it was a long distance relationship for two and a half years,  which we passed but anytime I'm in an airport I get the urge to cry.  Now it was let's have you guys live together but there's a catch, you'll be living together for the first time in a foreign country, so you'll be together pretty much all the time. I've never lived with anyone before and here I am moving in with a guy, but I must say he is one of the neatest guys I've ever met. 

 We've had the chance to experience so many cool things while in Greece and they are memories that I will take with me forever. My biggest thing is that life is all about creating the best story for yourself and this has certainly been a great chapter to add to the story that is my life. I can't wait to one day in the very, very, very distant future telling my kids all about my experience over here in Greece. 

I am very nervous (of course) and excited about starting the next chapter of my life. Having no idea where you can be living for a year can be a little scary but I know that I'm not doing it alone, I am doing it with the best teammate for me, he balances me like no one else could and for that I am truly grateful. 

Greece you've been amazing, sure there are times that you have been a little crazy ex: waking up to the sound of a bomb going off at 4am, not really my cup of tea. All bombs aside this has been nothing but a positive experience. When my guy asks me what I'll miss most about Greece, it's hard for me to answer, of course the weather is amazing and the food outstanding but I really don't have a specific thing I'll miss. I do think it's weird that there is a chance that we will never come back to Greece and that we spent a whole year living here, we created a routine in another country that will soon it be a memory. 

Thank you Greece, it has been real.

Here are some of my favorite moments while living in Athens.

The Temple of Zeus
The Acropolis 
Kyle and I at the Acropolis
Me at the Ancient Olympic Stadium
Ancient Olympic Stadium
Watching Kyle play for Ikaros
Finding an Irish Pub in Athens
Burger from the Irish Pub Molly Mallone's
Sunday's at Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant 
Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner
Celebration Dinner after we found out Kyle would be home for Christmas
Lake Vouliagmeni
David the Cat.
Enjoying a cappuccino at the lake. 
Kyle surprising me with cupcakes from I Love Cupcakes
The Athens Riviera 
Kyle and I enjoying the view of the Athens Riviera
The Marina 

Salads from Ciao
Meat Pouches from Flo Cafe`
Coca Cola Light
Kyle enjoying Valentine's Day Weekend in Vouliagmeni
Enjoying lunch in Vouliagmeni
Athen's Riviera Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day 
Lyndsay in Greece
Daily Trips to Starbucks
Waffle House
Dog's Everywhere
One Day Cruise
Riding a Donkey in Hydra
Boats in the Hydra Port
Flo always treating us to a free dessert


Susanne said...

I remember your post about going to Greece, that´s so.. thats the feeling ´gosh, has the time seriously flown by so fast?´

Meggie said...

It really has gone by so quickly!!! :)

Gal Meets Glam said...

wow what an amazing journey! it looks incredible though! Greece is definitely on my top places to visit. & PS you and your man are adorable! :)



Meggie said...

Greece is pretty amazing, I will miss it for sure. It's definitely a great place to visit!!

Thanks for checking out Jeans and Tee's, hope you keep coming back.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

oh gosh, your new chapter is going to be so great! what an exciting time! you're a moving pro now! haha

good luck!
love the blog!

Abby said...

How awesome that you lived in Greece~so lucky. Your blog is just wonderful btw, happy to be a new follower ;)

Miss Lindsay said...

I'm sooo jealous you lived in Greece! ALSO... jealous of your sunglass collection.

Meggie said...

Thanks for following lovelies!!! Greece was a great place to live, and I am sad to be leaving. But I know that next chapter will be just as exciting.


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