Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hello beautiful lovelies, happy Tuesday! I can't believe how quickly my time here in Greece is winding down, Kyle left for his last game of the year today, I'm sad I can't be there to watch. But it does give me time to get my things in order for my return back to the States next week, since we are leaving for our vacation to Santorini in a few days. (I can't wait!!)

Yesterday's Boston Marathon was amazing, the men's winner Geoffrey Mutai from Kenya broke the world record running 2:03:02, that is the fastest marathon ever run by a man. On the women's side Caroline Kilel also from Kenya won with a time of 2:22:36. It must of been perfect racing conditions up there in Bean Town to produce those ridiculous times. Events like the Boston Marathon make me so proud to be a part of such an awesome sport. 

On a deeply sad note, marathon great Grete Waitz  passed away this morning after her long battle with cancer, she was only 57. She holds the record for winning the New York City Marathon nine times, yes you read that correctly, NINE TIMES! She is a racing legend and was a role model to many young women, proving that you don't have to be a guy to achieve beast status. She will be greatly missed. 

Today's quote comes from President Theodore Roosevelt. I found this quote on a great site called 10K Truth, definitely check it out if you have the time. When I read this quote I found it very fitting and a way for me to pay tribute to the late and great Grete Waitz. It's only through tough work where one can achieve greatness, raw talent can only take you so far. Work hard, believe in yourself, know that it isn't going to be easy but the reward of achievement is the sweetest thing on earth. 


It is only through work and strife that either nation or individual moves on to greatness. The great man is always the man of mighty effort, and usually the man whom grinding need has trained to mighty effort.
-Theodore Roosevelt

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