Friday, April 15, 2011

I Fell in Love in a Coffee Shop.

The thing I'll miss most about Greece when we go back to New York is that every afternoon at 2:00 the manfriend and I would take a walk to Starbucks for a coffee. It became a part of our daily routine, going to the coffee shop and spending about an hour or so chatting away over a cup of joe.

My Daily Triple Grande Caramel Macchiato 
 In Greece the coffee culture is epic, instead of going for a drink (cocktails), they go for a coffee where they sit for hours talking and enjoying each other's company. There are coffee shops everywhere and they are always buzzing.  

Once we get back to the States I'll be back to my Monday through Friday 9 to 5 and I know our daily coffee trips will be done with and it saddens me. I love that that time was ours to enjoy, to settle our minds from the stresses a day can bring. 

It will be my fondest memory that I'll take with me from Greece, just the manfriend and me with our coffee and conversation, day in and day out.(Mushy...ugh)


Nikki Jo said...

I think that is how it is in Italy too! My HS Italian teacher used to say that a bar is actually what they say referring to a coffee shop over there. While this daily routine might be ending, think of all the new ones you will be starting : )

Meggie said...

Yay they love their coffee bars here!! And I am definitely excited to start a new routine back in New York :)

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