Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Official I'm in Love with Ray!!!

Before I left for Greece I did a little shopping and of course I ended up in my local Sunglass Hut. The minute I entered I knew it was over, I was going to leave with another pair of Ray Bans. I mean it's been a while since I fed my habit, so I didn't feel to guilty. 

The sales woman told me that this month they were actually promoting the new spring line of Ray Bans, so I new it was my lucky day. I saw a couple of different pairs that interested me but not as much as the pair of RB4145 Vagabonds, these were exactly what I was looking for. Since we are traveling to Rome at the end of the month, I wanted a pair of glasses that were a little more retro and these definitely fit the bill. The glasses have a cat eye lens with a very 1960's feel. The fit of the glasses were perfect, nice and fitted to my face, unlike my pair of aviators that are constantly sliding off. The color I went with was this deep purple mixed with classic tortoise shell. I was sold and excited with my new edition to my ever growing Ray Ban family. 
New Edition RB4145 Vagabonds...FIRE!

When the sales woman rang me up I was a little embarrassed, when she asked if I had shopped here before. When she looked me up she went, "oh you have been here before, you really like your Ray Bans." I did get a little red in the face as she called out my addiction but I thought, so what yes I have a slight addiction to sunglasses but it could be a lot worse and these are timeless.  My children's children will be able to rock some sweet shades in 2040. But who am I kidding, I'm addicted and I can come up with every excuse in the book to justify my Ray Ban habit but an addiction is an addiction, I'm not proud but boy do I love my Rays. So until my next Ray Ban excursion I will make do with nine pairs I own.

Rocking my new Rays on the Mediterranean Sea.

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