Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Boy is Addicted to Rays! I Blame Myself.

My manfriend has officially joined the Ray Ban Clan, it's not like he really had a choice in the matter, he does live with a Ray Ban addict. I have a slight obsession with Ray Ban Sunglasses as you can see: Here, Here and Here, oh and Here! I can't help myself, there is something about this classic brand that makes me head over heels in love with them.

I knew that if the manfriend was around me long enough that he'd cross over to the side of Ray. He used to rock Oakley sunglasses, not that there is anything wrong with Oakleys but I love Kyle so much that I wanted him to know what life was like behind a pair of Rays.

The awesome girlfriend that I am, I started the manfriend off on his Ray Ban journey. I picked him up a pair of Classic Ray Ban Aviators on a whim because to be honest I thought he'd look sexy in a pair. Well he did look sexy, Jake Gyllenhaal move over. I could tell that the manfriend was digging his new sunnies, he rocked them all the time and slowly the Oakleys were phased out.
Ray Ban Aviators

For Christmas I hooked him up with another pair of Rays the Daddy-O series, which are more sporty. He wears the Daddy-O's when he goes to workout and run, they are similar to his Oakleys but so much cooler, because there Rays. (I'm not bias or anything.)

Ray Ban Daddy O's

Last week for his birthday, I again set him up with a sweet pair of shades. This time I got him the new Folding Wayfarers.(Again, what an awesome girlfriend he has.) I was actually envious of him as he put on these super cool Rays. I'll have to pick up a pair for myself in the near future.

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

Now my guy has three pairs of Ray Bans and I'm sure his collection will grow. I'm happy he is now part of the Ray Ban Family and he has no one but me to blame for his new habit. It's actually my habit, I'm the one supplying him with the Rays, I think it makes me feel less guilty when I buy myself a pair, knowing that he has a collection to appreciate now.(Did I just admit that?)

The manfriend and I will live happily ever after in our apartment surrounded by Ray Bans.

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