Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Hump Day Loves, so excited we are half way through the week. It's so beautiful here in New York, I took advantage of the great weather last night by getting in a great run and I plan on doing the same tonight.  I hope you have an amazing Wednesday, do something for YOU today because you deserve it! 

Countdown to the McCarrick family vacation in LBI: 3 Days! Yippee, this week is flying by, which is great because that means in three days I'll be down in Long Beach Island with my family enjoying a relaxing week at  the shore, in our oceanfront house. This is by far my favorite week of the year, to me nothing is better then the beach and family. 

Today's quote which I'm pretty sure I've shared with you earlier this year but  l love it so much that I had to use it again. It's from the band Semisonic's song, Closing Time. I love this song and it was recently used in the cute romantic comedy, Friends with Benefits. (Go see it, Justin Timberlake is hot and Mila Kunis is even hotter.) There is one line that sticks out in this song, it couldn't be more true, and I'm definitely relating to it at this time in my life. 

Don't be of afraid of change, you never know what opportunities await you when trying something new and different.  Pardon me when I say, take life by the balls and go big! Explore, Dream and Conquer. 


Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.
-Semisonic, Closing Time

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