Friday, July 1, 2011

Quote of the day + A Tune.

Oh happy day! I'm so freaking happy it's Friday, I am ready for the holiday weekend. What are your plans for the weekend, I hope whatever you are doing, that you enjoy yourself. 

Last night was fabulous, I enjoyed a great dinner at my parents house with my sister and nephews. After dinner my sister came over to my apartment along with my cousins Jamie and Lyndsay, we enjoyed some wine, Skinnygirl margaritas, the Real Housewives of New York and some much needed catching up conversations. I love the bond I have with these ladies, it's something very special that I never take for granted and I only wish that I saw more of them. 

Today is a huge day for me, I'm meeting with the owner of the Secret Garden to talk about the possibility of me running Yoga by Meg out of their studio. I can't tell you how nervous and excited I am about this meeting, this could be a start of a huge chapter in my life. So fingers crossed it all goes well. I'll keep you posted for sure.

Don't forget today at noon I'll be announcing this months GIVEAWAY, it's a sweet prize and I'm going to be quite envious of the winner. July's GIVEAWAY will run a little longer then May's TOMS Shoe GIVEAWAY, just to give you a heads up. So definitely come back to Jeans and Tee's and Travel and Cakes today at noon to see what you could win! 

William Watch 2011: Day 17! Oh, Sweet William..Sweet...Sweet...Sweet Willy Boy, please come out to play! (Wink!) Mom-to-Be is now seven days past her due date, as of right now if nothing happens in the next two days, she'll be induced and it looks like William will be a little 4th of July baby. I knew he was looking to make a grand entrance, he'll be our little firecracker. I can't wait to meet you. 

Today's quote comes off of Beyonce's new album, 4, and the track, I Was Here. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, it was indeed love at first listen. The lyrics are so powerful and exactly how I feel about life. Definitely check out her new album, it will surely not disappoint. 

Everyone wants to leave their mark, sometimes it feels hard to do that,especially living in a place like New York City, where it has the power to make you feel so small. My goal isn't to change the world, my goal is to change "my" world, work hard at following dreams and achieving goals, having a positive impact on people in my life, living with no regrets, love and most importantly becoming the best Meggie I can be. That's living and that's what makes me happy. 


I was here...
I lived, I loved
I was here...
I did, I've done, everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here...

I just want them to know
That I gave my all, did my best
Brought someone to hapiness
Left this world a little better just because...

I was here...

-Beyonce, I Was Here

Enjoy, and sorry the quality isn't perfect. It's still an awesome song!

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