Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jackie OHH.

And the addiction continues...

You can see from Exhibit A,Exhibit B and Exhibit C, I may have a slight problem.

I've been in search for a pair of Ray Ban Jackie OHH sunglasses for the past few months. I've looked high and low, Sunglass Hut after Sunglass Hut and had no luck. Now this makes someone with a Ray Ban addiction quite batty, once you get it into your sunglass addictive head that you need this specific pair, they must become yours. 

 Friday, during my lunch break I decided to head across the street to Henri Bendel's to check and see if they carry the Ray Ban brand and maybe, just maybe they would have a pair of the Jackie OHH's. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into Bendel's, it looked as though a Ray Ban factory had blown up inside, the store was covered with Rays, tables after table, shelf after shelf of beautiful Rays, this isn't good for the addict within. 

I browsed not wanting to look to desperate to get my little hands on a pair of Jackie OHH's. Finally, as I was beginning to sweat, I asked one to the sales associates if they had the OHH's. She told me that they only had ONE pair left, these have become quite the hot commodity here in NYC she explained to me. I asked if I could indeed "see them", but knowing in fact that that pair of glasses had no chance once they were in my hands, they were mine! She brought over a pair of black Jackie OHH's and I almost began to weep, I tried them on acting like I was deciding whether or not I was going to purchase, meanwhile I had my credit card in hand waiting to be swiped. I told her I would "take them" and giddily skipped to the register.
I left Bendel's with a new member of my ever growing Ray Ban family, and she (Jackie OHH) is quite the member. I know my love of Ray Bans may seem a little excessive but they are timeless and I know one day is the far future, my daughter or son will think I'm awesome because they have some sweet vintage shades to rock. That, or they'll think their mommy is crazy for having a different pair of Rays for every day of the year, I am hoping more for the "awesome" reaction.

I Love You Ray!

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