Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Saturday Lovers, make it a amazing one. It has been so hot in New York, it's unreal and it puts me in such a lethargic mood, I don't want to leave the air conditioning in my apartment. I'm going to beat the laziness and have a productive little Saturday, blog a bit, get in a great workout and see where the day will take me, hopefully that will be a pool with a Skinnygirl margarita in my hand. 

Last night despite the heat, the manfriend and I went out for a very yummy dinner at a great sushi spot on Staten Island called Fushimi. The atmosphere is great and the sushi is delicious, we tried a coconut sangria which was out of this world good, definitely a great spot for good food and conversation.

Countdown to the McCarrick Family Vacation in LBI: 7 Days!
One week, hallelujah!  I can't wait and I know my family is just as excited. My mom checked the extended forecast and it looks like the weather is going to be great down in Long Beach Island, I definitely need to work on my tan. 

Today's quote is from the website EDGE Keynote. This site is all about giving you inspiration, and I found some in today's quote. I am a huge believer in bucket lists, the manfriend and myself have an official "List", with all the things we want to accomplish on there. Some are individual goals, some are things we want to experience together. We refresh it every now and then, adding to it, and checking off things accomplished. It's a great way to keep your life in constant positive motion. 


Close your eyes and imagine that you are being interviewed on your 100th birthday. What are the top five things you would love to be able to tell the reporters that you have accomplished? Now open your eyes and write them down. You have a fresh start on life. 
- EDGE Keynote

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