Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hey loves, hope it's a great Thursday for you. A big congrats to my Godson and nephew Jack, it's his last day of Kindergarten today! I am so proud of the little dude and I can't believe he will be in starting 1st grade in September. Also I am giving tons of hugs and kisses to my other nephew Benjamin, he hasn't been feeling so well the last few weeks, and I know he'll be back to his goofy little self soon. I love them both so very, very much.

William Watch 2011: Day 3! I'm beginning to sound like a broken record when I say, no sign of little Will yet. I commute into Manhattan with my brother every morning, and it's so funny to see how excited he is for the little man to get here, yesterday we debated over hair color, I'm thinking light brown. Hopefully we'll find out soon. 

I borrowed today's quote from my friend Nathalie, when I saw it I immediately told her that I'd be borrowing it. It's from an unknown author and it is freaking awesome.  It's a quote about how dreams are born and how journeys begin. 


It happens all the time. Curiosities become obsessions. Outings become overnighters. Pastimes become passions. This is how journeys begin.
-Unknown Author

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