Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Roundup.

What an amazingly fun weekend this was, I hate that it is now Monday and I'm back to the weekly grind. I've said before that I never wanted to be one of those people that rushed through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to get to the weekend but I believe this has happened.

I have become a weekend warrior and I'm not complaining, it's hard during the work week to find "me" time, with work, workouts and other commitments, I really don't have time to do much for me. So when the weekend arrives I'm all about the fun.


The manfriend and I woke up at 4am to catch a flight out to Kansas City for a wedding weekend. We had a 6:30am flight, early I know but I actually prefer it. You avoid long lines at check-in and security and there is rarely a delay because it's one of the first flights of the day. I absolutely love traveling throughout the United States, because even though your traveling into other States it still feels like home.

We had a connection flight before arriving in Kansas City, which landed us in Memphis, Tennessee. I was quite hungry and in need of a coffee, so we grabbed a Starbucks and found a airport diner to get some grub. I wish we had more time in Memphis because there were tons of ads for some delicious Memphis BBQ. There will definitely be a future trip planned for this sole purpose, BBQ.

Our second flight was short and got us into Kansas City in under an hour, an awesome flight after logging the ten hour flights this year when we were traveling back a forth from Greece. Upon landing we were greeted by Kieran, Kyle's old college roommate and teammate from Notre Dame, we also connected with another teammate Luke and all headed on our journey to Wichita.

We were told that the drive from Kansas City to Wichita would only be an hour and a half, that turned into a three hour drive and I got to see a new part of the United States. I've never seen so much vast open land in my life, and so many cows. The car ride was quite entertaining to say the least, seeing the Manfriend with his buddies was great, I knew how much he's missed them since his college days. After our three hour trip we were in Wichita and we were ready to party.

Now I'm not exaggerating when I say that this wedding was similar to the Cleary wedding in the movie Wedding Crashers, it was amazing. When we arrived at our hotel there was a wedding weekend itinerary for us to follow. Our first stop was the Wedding Rehearsal dinner, which was very elegant and intimate.

It was so nice catching up with all of Kyle's Notre Dame friends and teammates, reminiscing of past memories. The bride to be Lael and groom Colin, were so calm. I know that if I was getting married the following day, that would not be the case. Towards the end of the dinner, there was a very cute slide show of bride and groom, I love seeing how love grows and evolves.

After the Rehearsal Dinner, we all went to a local bar called, The Fox and Hound, where we continued to way into the night. This was a fun filled night and I knew that the wedding was going to be just as fun.


The manfriend and I were planning on sleeping in, but the early bird inside of us didn't agree. We were up by 8am only coming in from the night before a few hours earlier. We went down for some breakfast compliments of the hotel and I might of drank a gallon of coffee, it was much needed.

We had a few hours before we had to head out to the wedding mass, so we lazed about in our room, regrouping ourselves from the long night.

Wedding Time

The mass for Colin and Lael was held at St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Wichita. The Cathedral was so beautiful and the flower arrangements were gorgeous. The guests were serenaded by a mini orchestra, which set the mood and had us anxious to see the wedding party and bride.

I love seeing the look on the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time, Colin smiled and you could see the love. The bride look stunning in her dress and as happy as a princess. The ceremony was so nice, and we all cheered when the priest announced them as husband and wife.

The reception was out of this world, it was held at the bride's parents house under a huge spectacular tent, there was roughly 500 or so guests there to celebrate Colin and Lael. The setup was gorgeous,the flowers so beautiful and elegant, the lighting was magical, the cake was gorgeous. We had a blast when we hit the dance floor, enjoying some hits from the band.

The wedding was one I'll remember forever, the manfriend and I were so happy to be a part of it.


It was a bad choice to schedule our flight out of Wichita at 7:00am, we hardly got any sleep and we had a long morning of travel ahead of us. We had a connecting flight in Dallas, Texas. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and I think I had six shots of espresso in my caramel macchicato, yet I still passed out on our flight back to New York.

When couldn't wait to get home and relax, after a very long weekend of fun. We ordered a pizza from out favorite spot, Cafe Milano and settled in for the night. I don't know how I managed to stay awake for the Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but I did and was disappointed that Miami took home the Win.


The best thing about this weekend was spending it with my manfriend. I literally fell in love with him all over again, and I don't think it was because we were at a wedding, where the setting is romantic. It was other other moments, like traveling with him and taking in the Midwest lifestyle with him. I love that he loves me for me and enjoys spending time with me, like I do with him.


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