Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Wednesday Jeans and Tee's And Travel and Cake readers! I am enjoying a much needed coffee and listening to some Sara Bareilles, I'm feeling a little sleepy this morning. Last night after work I joined the Team in Training marathon team for a group run, it was just what I needed after a busy day of work. Like I said yesterday, running is my way of relaxing believe it or not.

I have a lot to do today, I have to pack for Chicago, run to Home Goods because I made a little blunder when it came to the mistake, because I felt very silly.) I also need a new phone, I've been putting this off for quite a long time but it is time, my 3g iPhone doesn't even work on 3g anymore which drives me batty. Sometimes I love a busy night after a busy day, it makes sleeping much more enjoyable.measurements of our window seat. (Thank god I was by myself when I realized my  And if you haven't noticed, I am trying to keep myself busy, because I am missing my manfriend. Can't wait to meet up with him in two days for a long weekend getaway in Chicago.

The most awesome news of the week is that my sister is coming up to New York on Thursday. I am so excited to see her, I decided to plan a girls night at my apartment. So my cousins, my sister and I can all hang out, relax and enjoy each others company. We don't get to do that enough. I'm not sure what I'm going to prepare for the girls but I do know that my sister is going to bake up something delicious. Yay, something else to look forward to.

William Watch 2011: Day 9! This Will Watch is getting long, now I'm having my doubts about a delivery tomorrow. If the little guy doesn't come tomorrow, I'm hoping he'll be a good little nephew and wait until Tuesday of next week to arrive. That's the selfish aunt in me that doesn't want to miss his arrival.

Today's quote comes from author Wilfred Peterson, I've used a quote by him before, I really dig his words. In life you have to choices, you can be positive or negative. I would hope our choice would be to live a positive life, I know this can be hard to be positive everyday of your life, and I don't expect you to be. I think if you are positive more times then not, that it is contagious. Be that person that people look up to because of your positive influence on their life, even if you're shorter then them.


Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love.
- Wilfred Peterson

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