Monday, June 20, 2011

Quote of the day.

It's Monday Loves, make it a great one! I had an awesome weekend. I got a lot done, had some great training sessions and spent time with my family, that's an A+ weekend in my book. How was your weekend? I hope it was a fantastic one.
Now on to the start of a new week, it's a busy one for me, I have work, got to do two, two-a-days for my Ironman Triathlon training, and I have to get ready for my trip to Chicago. I'm so excited to get out to the Windy City, I' ready to enjoy some food, shopping, and sightseeing with the manfriend. So I am really hoping this week speeds along.
I have to wish my brother-in-law Chris Good Luck! Today he is leaving Cape May, NJ for New Hampshire, where he will be leaving on one of the Coast Guard Ships for a three month deployment. We are all going to miss him not being here this summer but I know the days will fly by. I also want my sister to know how strong and amazing she is, I know it's going be hard being by herself with the two boys, Jack (almost 6) and Benjamin (2-1/2), but we as a family unit will make sure her load is a little easier.
William Watch 2011: Day 7! WILLIAM BECKETT get out here NOW! The suspense of this baby's arrival is killing me. I am really hoping he arrives before I leave for the long weekend on Friday. I am now predicting a June 23rd delivery, fingers crossed. I know Mom and Dad-to-Be are ready for little Will to get here.
Today's quote comes from a fortune cookie I received after a yummy sushi dinner at Oriental Plaza, a great spot on the Island. The manfriend and I were enjoying our food along with some great "life" conversation when I cracked open this fortune cookie. It was the exact fortune message I needed and I couldn't help but smile after reading.
I've been really busy lately, working, trying to get my yoga business started, working on this blog, while training hard for August's Half Ironman. Most nights when nine o'clock rolls around I'm wiped and can't wait to climb into bed. Sometimes I think, is all this hard work worth it? And then I see a silly mass produced fortune cookie and realize, that it most certainly is.
All your hard work will soon pay off.
-Cookie's Fortune

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