Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy first day of Summer, my absolute favorite season. So much to look forward to, the birth of a new nephew, starting Yoga by Meg, my manfriend's 24th Birthday along with my Godson Jack's 6th Birthday, a trip to Chicago, our annual family trip to Long Beach Island and Cape May, competing in my first Half Ironman and waiting to see where the manfriend and myself will be living next year. There's a lot going on but it is all amazing stuff. I hope your summer is filled with fun as well.
Well Monday wasn't so bad, lets see how Tuesday treats us. It's already humid here in the city, yuck! I am so looking forward to a run after work today. There has been a lot on my mid and running is the perfect way for me to sort everything out, we all have our own methods. Have a great Tuesday friends, you deserve it, do something special for yourself today.
Tonight I am going to work on project, "Office Space". We have this great little room in our apartment and I think it will make the perfect place for me to work on my blog and other projects. It's really coming along and I think the manfriend is really going to love it.
I'm also excited because my sister may be coming up Thursday! This makes me happy that I'll get to see her and my nephews before I head out to Chicago Friday morning. I think you know how much I miss them on a daily basis, so to be able to spend the day with them would be awesome.
William Watch 2011: Day 8! No baby yet, my brother thinks mom-to-be will deliver little Will next week, while I'm still hoping for a Thursday delievery. Come on William Beckett, everyone is so anxious to meet you.
Today's quote is from J.M. Barrie, writer of the famous Peter Pan. This quote is about happiness and it's amazing. We all want to live happy lives, we work hard to attain happiness and sometimes when we get to a place of happiness, someone may try to knock you off your path. Don't mind critics, naysayers and cynics, go for your happy. There will always be people telling you can't get to that place, you don't have to tell them you can, show them!

You find a glimmer of happiness in this world, there's always someone who wants to destroy it.

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