Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Roundup

With Memorial Day Weekend being the official start of Summer, I was ready to kick it off with a bang. I live for summer, hot days, long nights, BBQ's, family, friends, vacations, the beach and waiting to find out where the Manfriend and I will be next. This Memorial Day Weekend was awesome, I got to do so much and I enjoyed every moment of it.


On Friday I learned that I am pretty good at multitasking. I've been complaining to the Manfriend that by having such a busy schedule lately I never really get quality "ME" time, which I feel is so important not only for yourself but for your relationship. So I decided on Friday I would do something about it, after having a great lunch from Beacon Side Door, which I will definitely be writhing about in more depth soon, I had a half hour left in my lunch hour so I used that time to do something for me. I went down the street to this peaceful little eyebrow threading spot, I've been bitching about my brows for weeks and this sweet lady turned my frown upside down by threading my brows in less then ten minutes and making me feel like a woman again.

With twenty minutes left in my "ME" time outing, I headed over to Henri Bendel's to see if they carried a particular sunglasses brand and a very particular style I've been looking for. Well I hit the jackpot when I entered Bendel's, not only did they carry the brand they had only one pair left of this certain style I've been lusting over for the past three months. Let just say I left this fabulous store with a smile on my face and I was protected from the sun. I went back to work a very happy camper and I was ready to end the work week and start the long weekend.

Friday night the Manfriend and I joined his parents for a bite to eat, at Jimmy Max, a local spot that Kyle's good friend's family owns. It was such a nice time, I love hearing stories from their youth and seeing how happy they still are today. I enjoyed a yummy Jimmy Max bar pie called the Max Special, which is marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil accompanied by a Blue Moon beer.

After Jimmy Max we headed to one of my favorite places on earth, Barnes and Noble. I absolutely love this place, I could literally spend hours here reading magazines, browsing for my next great read and enjoying a coffee. I hate that I don't get to go here as much as I used to and on Friday night I vowed I would change that. I left Barnes and Noble with what I came for and was ready to settle in for the night.


When I woke up on Saturday I was so happy to see how beautiful it was outside, I couldn't wait to get the day started. I headed to my 8am practice with my Team and Training Fast Track ladies and we set out for our 5 mile run on the beach. I awarded each of my Rock Stars of the week with a copy of Bethenny Frankel's, A Place of Yes, since they remind me of Bethenny because of their "go getter" attitude. 

Thanks Noel for the pictures!
Our run was fantastic, even in the heat, we had such a great turnout and it was awesome to see the Team takeover the beach. I can't wait to announce this week's Rock Star, it is very well deserved.  We are less then two weeks until the big day, they race on June 11th and I can't wait to see how well they all do.

After practice I hurried home to shower and get ready to head down to the Jersey Shore. The manfriend and I were going to go meet up with his brother Ryan, his fiance' and a bunch of our friends to have a BBQ and enjoy the amazing weather. I love taking day trips with the manfriend, I love the feeling of getting in the car, listening to great music, enjoying a coffee and great conversation. We were expecting to hit major traffic because of the holiday but much to our surprise we didn't hit any. I was so excited to see everyone, we enjoyed some really yummy food, some delicious Skinnygirl margaritas and of course some great conversation. We stopped by the beach for a few and it was our friend's baby Auden's first trip to the beach and he loved it.

Auden's first beach experience.
Later in the night we headed over the the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, to go on some rides and play some games. Now I am not one for rides but the manfriend convinced me actually go on quite a few, I didn't puke or feel dizzy, the night was a success. I actually went on my first ever roller coaster. I know I am 25 and your probably thinking, what the hell were you waiting for, I just don't like the danger factor that comes along with a roller coaster but I let that fear go for the night and really enjoyed the experience.
We woke up early Sunday morning and had a nice breakfast before we hit the road back home. I had a piece of the most delicious crumb cake from a local bakery in Point Pleasant called Muller's. People wait on line for an hour to get their hands on this stuff and I would do the same, this stuff was yummy.

On our way home we stopped at the Jersey Shore Outlets for a little browsing, I love that my manfriend loves, shopping, malls and outlets as much as I do. We weren't planning on really buying anything, that was until we went into the Banana Republic and J.Crew shops, the deals were to good to pass up and we left the outlets with a few bags, but didn't spend to much which is always awesome.

After our little shopping excursion, we got home and relaxed a little before heading to another BBQ. My aunt had all of my family over for a nice Memorial Day BBQ. I love catching up with my family, it seems like we are all over the place these days and I don't get to see everyone as much as I'd like. It's crazy to see every one's families expanding and seeing my generation head into adulthood, life seriously moves so fast.

Brendan, Lia and baby Will.


I was planning on running the local Memorial Day 4 miler on Monday morning, but I woke up a 6am to the sound of thunder and after competing in a half marathon only a week earlier, I decided to sit this race out. I enjoyed a nice relaxing morning with the manfriend, who fixed me a yummy breakfast and coffee of course.

I knew I couldn't relax for long though, I am training for an Half Ironman and since I didn't run the race I had to get in a workout. I headed over to the gym, got into the pool and challenged myself to a mile swim. I was a lifeguard all through high school but swimming has never been my strong suit and since I have to swim 1.2 miles August 21st, it's time to step up my game. This mile swim was tough, I'm in shape from running and yoga but swimming is a totally different beast, it works your arms, legs, core and makes the lungs burn. When I completed the 66 laps, I was so proud of myself and I also felt like I was going to die, mission accomplished.

The rest of the day was spent as my manfriend's parents house and my parents house, I love that we've created this routine and make it a point to spend quality time with the people who've done most for us in our lives. I think the highlight of the weekend was Monday night seeing my manfriend getting excited to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey with me, I find this hysterical and I also love his impression of Teresa's husband Joe, "I don't know Tre."

This was an amazing start to the summer and it's only just begun. We have so much to look forward to, so many exciting things coming our way, like the arrival of my nephew, William, our annual trip to Long Beach Island, my Half Ironman and Kyle's brother's wedding. So many great things to come.

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