Monday, May 23, 2011

Quote of the day + A Tune.

Monday, you're here again, please be kind! I can't believe this weather in New York, it is another rainy day, I am seriously longing for some sun and warmth. I hope your weekend was great and that you are ready to tackle this new week. I begin serious Ironman training this week, now that my half marathon is over I can devout all my focus to this triathlon that is rapidly approachig, yikes!

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Good Luck to all those particpating.

Today's quote comes from an unknown author, it's short, simple and sweet. I love quotes like this, makes me feel better about life and how no one will ever know where their path will take them, you just got to roll with it.


There is no set path... just follow your heart!

I also included this song from the great band Five For Fighting, called New York City Weather Report. It's a perfect song for my fellow New Yorkers and the weather we've been having. Enjoy this tune and enjoy this Monday!!

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