Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hola Loves, that's about the extent of my Spanish so please forgive me. Happy Cinco de Mayo, hope everyone has a fantastic day. I'm looking forward to enjoying a Skinnygirl margarita or two tonight. Last night I enjoyed a great pilates session with the ladies I coach for Team in Training, it was the first time I did pilates and I really enjoyed it. The workout was very different from my yoga regime, activated some muscles that I wouldn't normally work which has me a little sore today. I figured I'll go for a nice long run to help me recover. 

The quote I chose to share with you today comes from one of my favorite movies of all time, Rudy. The story of Rudy Ruettiger, the famous football player from The University of Notre Dame. If you haven't watched this film, think of the book, The Little Engine that Could,times it by 100 and oh yea it's a true story!(It's a must see.) 

Anytime this movie is on I can't help but watch, I love inspirational, underdog stories and this one really takes the cake. It also brings me back to the beginning of my relationship with the manfriend, he's a graduate of Notre Dame and I spent many weekends out there, enjoying the beautiful campus. So every time I watch Rudy, I feel a bit of nostalgia. This quote is amazing, and holds so much truth. I am a big believer in dreaming, having goals and trying to become the best version of you there is. Without goals and dreams what is life, it would just be a string of ordinary days and well that's not fun.

#45 Rudy

Enjoy and Be a Dreamer!

Having dreams is what makes life tolerable. 

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