Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Fix: Slap Your Mama Grilled Chicken Salad

During the busy  week most of us don't look forward to coming home after a long day of work and cooking. I know I've been tempted to pick up the takeout menu and order. But when trying to live a healthy balanced lifestyle food plays a major role.

Last night the manfriend and I teamed up in the kitchen and whipped up a "Quick Fix" and it managed to be both healthy and delicious. It was a simple grilled chicken salad. This maybe took a total of fifteen minutes to cook. 

QUICK FIX: Slap Your Mama Grilled Chicken Salad

How to: Slap Your Mama Grilled Chicken Salad

What you will need:
5 Thin Cut Chicken Breats
2Tablespoons of Slap Your Mama Seasoing ( A little really goes a long way.)
3 Cups Mixed Lettuce
1 Beefsteak Tomatoe
1 Red Pepper
1 Cucumber
1/2 Red Onion
1/4 Cup Shaved Almonds
1/3 Cup of Balsamic Dressing

Slice the chicken into 1 inch strips. Place on medium non stick pan, medium heat  2-1/2 minutes on each side. Sprinkle some Slap Your Mama Seasoning on strips, please be careful when doing this, Slap Your Mama is a very strong seasoning and may cause eyes to tear up.

Place three cups of mixed lettuce in a large serving bowl.
Use a chopping board to slice all the veggies up.

Once Chicken is done add it to the salad along with the  chopped veggies and shaved almonds. Then toss.

I added my balsamic dressing once the salad was mixed. (You can add something different.)

This was such a simple recipe and a great way to end a long Monday. The Slap Your Mama really adds a kick but the coolness of a fresh salad balanced out the taste. I enjoyed my salad with a refreshing glass of Skinnygirl Margarita, while Kyle opted for a glass of red wine (merlot). Our salad was truly a success.

What's your go to "Quick Fix"?


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